Umar Salim

Technology Enthusiast & Student

Who I am

My name is Umar Salim and I currently live and study in the UK. I have been interested in technology and computers from a young age and have been building on that passion in order to make it into a career.

I recently started studying at Brunel University to convert my enthusiasm about technology into a real career path. In the last five years I have been running several projects to supplement my education in this industry. You can find out more about this by visiting the projects section of this website.

Me (left)

My Skills

Web Development ( 60% )

MySQL ( 75% )

CMS (Content Management Systems) ( 100% )

Office Suite ( 100% )

CSS/HTML ( 60% )

PHP ( 80% )

Java ( 75% )

Server Management ( 80% )

  • HostWoot


    Owner/Director and day to day management.

    {"title":"HostWoot","short_message":"Owner\/Director and day to day management.","date":"30 Apr 2007","img":["http:\/\/\/images\/projects\/68\/thumb_e841e4f223.jpg","http:\/\/\/images\/projects\/68\/46708b3438.jpg","http:\/\/\/images\/projects\/68\/bc0cf40f20.jpg","http:\/\/\/images\/projects\/68\/0e7ecb228b.jpg","http:\/\/\/images\/projects\/68\/71adf16ae8.jpg","http:\/\/\/images\/projects\/68\/19ab3b7a39.jpg","http:\/\/\/images\/projects\/68\/0e3b5d5d06.jpg"],"message":"HostWoot (formally was one of the very first (if not first) free web hosting companies to make FFmpeg easily accessible to web developers. This meant offering a normal individual the tools required to start a YouTube styled website.<br \/><br \/>My role was owner\/director which involved keeping the Linux\/cPanel servers up and running at all times as this is crucial for individuals and businesses. HostWoot was up 99% of the time during the time it was open for business.HostWoot was extremely successful with over 500 active accounts at any one given moment in time. HostWoot was receiving over 10,000 unique visitors and over 4 million hits every month. HostWoot provided unbeatable customer service via the use of community forums and several developers offering help to those who needed it. The level of customer service provided shines when looking at reviews which show 5 stars.<br \/><br \/>HostWoot was started in May 2007 and was shut down in November 2013 due to lack of income and the abuse rate due to being a free host.","tags":[],"project_link":"http:\/\/\/","link_label":""}
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    30 Jun 2013

    Still under construction

    This website is still under construction and more things will be added as soon as I get around to doing it.

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    {"title":"Still under construction ","short_message":"","date":"30 Jun 2013","img":["http:\/\/\/images\/news\/thumb_33e9ae411f.jpg"],"message":"This website is still under construction and more things will be added as soon as I get around to doing it.","tags":[]}

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